What Do you think is the Side Effect of Having Lot of Money?

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Side Effect of Having Money
What Do you think is, the Side Effect of Having Lot of Money?

I lot of time think if there is any side effect of having Lot of Money…. But come to Now answer as I dont have Money I thinks there is only good Effect of having money

But is there any harm effect or Disadvantage of having Lot of Money
Being Gold Digger is a Problem

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Side effects of big money
• From my experience I can tell there are some side effects of having big money. That’s the main reason why majority of people can’t become millionaires because they just can’t bear its side effects. This took quite a long time for me to realize it. I do trade in stock markets for a passion and i read somewhere that note down your emotions when in a trade. Like if a trade is a loser what and how do you feel about it. What if trade is a winner and what if a trade results in windfall gain where you get paid for a month’s salary in minutes. So in my early days I dint took these lines seriously but one good day I actually scrutinized my feelings. It was a windfall gain and I was more than happy. That day I felt I was more polite with people. I was more energetic. There was an amazing charm on my face. Everything was just perfect. But usually my behavior is not like that. So that was just for one day and after that I was back to my normal behavior.
• So what was it!!!! SIDE EFFECT .Of course it was a side effect but in a positive way. So different people have different side effects of having big money. Some might feel negative side effects like getting uneasy and uncomfortable with big amounts of money. They just can’t keep up with that huge amount of money and once that money is gone they feel easy and relaxed. That is why they can’t earn big money as their money blueprint does not allow them to do so.
• I will try to explain above with an example. I recently visited old friend of mine. He told me that he had huge amounts of money at his home. He was comfortable with the money as he was habitual with side effects of money and was used to it. But he told me that his mom is not comfortable with the money. The reason was of course she cannot bear the side effects of this money. As my friend was smart enough so one good day he put that money in a bag and told his mom that I am taking this money away and now you need not worry about this. Later in the evening when his mom was not at home he brought that bag back to his home and put it back in almirah and locked it. Now everything was fine. He was comfortable and even his mom was comfortable.
• You must have heard all your life that everyone is vibrating at a different frequency. Even money has a frequency and to get that money you have to get to that vibrating level. So what is this all about? In simple terms you have to be comfortable with that particular thing. If we are in a relationship and after few days it’s not working well and there are conflicts then do you think it will last? Of course not. You will definitely breakup and part ways.
• If you are working somewhere and you are not comfortable there with whatever reason it may be and its hindering your performance then either you will resign or they will kick you out. Same goes with money. We have to get comfortable with it. Money demand you to vibrate at a particular level and for that you have to be more positive in your approach more energetic, hardworking, helpful, and polite and above all you should learn to get comfortable with it.

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