Why isn’t Telegram Banned?

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Telegram is Spreading misleading Content

Spread False information

Promote Porn and other illegal content though it not banned why?

Why Telegram is not banned?

What do you think the Reason is?

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because it is not illegal, it is just a simple messagng App with advanced Feature

it is same as Whatsapp and as you know i think that it is legal

Telegram= Whatsapp now+ whatsapp update of 2050 + some additional feature

But telegram has some more functionality than Whatsapp

There are some Telegram Channels and Groups that are spreading porn and other things that are not suppose to spread

but Telegram is not in supporting it

they banned many channel and group for breaking there policy and they are doing it well but again it is it privacy that make this happen.

It is the Secure app and very safe to use with 22nd century tech

So Please dont think why telegram is not banned

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