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We at Life Shodkk, a Team who want you to turn your life into a more “Better Life” than the life, you are currently living. 

And as we believe in Knowledge, We thought that this can Only be done by the Knowledge. The World is changing you don’t have the time for anything.

We don’t have time to live right? to get some quality time, we don’t have time to share our experience. We, Human, are a Social Animal, we need to share discuss and have to take a Pep Talk to keep “Living”.

Apart from the Information about the Tech World which you get from our other blog. Money.shodkk , Edu.Shodkk, Blogging.shodkk, on this blog we tech the Tech and how to earn money in this tech world.

Money Matter’s, but in Life Happiness, Experience, Culture, religion also Matter’s, it is a very very important part of life. It makes us the more Human than we are.

And At Life.Shodkk, We keep all thing apart and share

  • The Life Experience,
  • How to live a Better Life?
  • How to get peace in life?
  • HomeMade Remedies and…
  • All LifeStyle Topic.

The Topic that relate the life, that move the wheel in the better livelihood.

Internet is a Shrinking the World in a smaller ball. So we Chose this Medium to share our word.

And here you can Get the Information you want. But to get the Information you need in the Shorter way Possible, we think is our Duty.

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