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Civil Engineering Telegram Channel

Given Below is the Famous and Most Active Civil Engineering Study Telegram Channel, So Please Join them if you are a Civil Student, And Want to Develop your Skill and Get More of the Topics.

This not only Help You and Your Nation but the World in making the Better Place in Many Ways, You Just have to Join and Gain the Knowledge and Improve YourSelf. #InvestInYourself

Strength of Material

All Civil Subjects are very Important and have to Study in detail to Develop skill and also to Score Better and Bigger in the Exam but when it come to SOM all Student Get Nervous because of the vastness and Complexity of Subject, So Join the Group and Learning while Playing mobile, using Social Media is Good Right. So

Join Link:-civilsom

Strength of Material

Join Link:- civilsom

Theory of Structures

TOS also is a Complex Subject as it have Many Many Formulas and Concept to Learn, So for get some easy in doing the Work One can get on the Telegram Channel and Get Closer Look to the Subject from the eyes of Student Around the World

Join Link:- civiltos

Evolving Civil Engineer


Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Join Link:- civilrcc

Design of Steel Structures

Join Link:- civildss

Structural Analysis

Join Link:- civilsta

Building Construction & Material

Join Link:- civilbcm

Construction Planning & Management

Join Link:- civilcpm

Civil IIT

Join Link:- Civil Engineering IIT


Join Link:- cesurvey

Highway Engineering & Bridge & Railway

Join Link:- civilhighway

Civil Group

Join Link:- Civil Engineers

Fluid Mechanics

Join Link:- civilfluid

Irrigation & Hydrology

Join Link:- civilirrigation

Geotechnical Engineering

Join Link:- civilgte

Estimation Costing & Valuation

Join Link:- civilqs

Group for JE & AE

Join Link:- JE & AE GROUP

Environmental Engineering

Join Link:- civilenvivo

Theory of Structures

Join Link:- civiltos

Civil Engineering Ebooks

Join Link:- Engineering EBooks [Civil]

Civil Engineering Daily

Civil Engineering Daily

Read Civil-The Civil Engineers Magazine

Read Civil-The Civil Engineers Magazine


Group – (Pro Civil Engineer【 DISCUSSION & IDEAS 】)

Channel – Pro Civil Engineer (Pro Civil Engineer)

Civil Engineering Magazine

Join Link:- The Civil Engineers Magazine

Ultimate Civil Engineering

Ultimate Civil Engineering

MPPSC Exam for Civil

Join Link:- MPPSC EXAM

Thanks For reading and For Your Support, We are grateful that you found this information useful, So please Link and share this With your Friends or with the One who needs this Most as Knowledge is the Only Key for Development and Prosperous Nation and World.

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  1. There are groups for standard sharings like these:

    Books and Documents Sharing Group


    Software Sharing

    Project Management Books

    Standard Sharing Group 1

    کانال جداسازی لرزه ای و سیستم های میرایی انرژی (Seismic Base isolation, structural engineering books)

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