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Everything about India’s Biggest Festival ” Kumbh Mela”

India's Lagest Festival

Today I am going to talk, about such a great honor of India, which in itself is a symbol of India’s eternal culture. It is a unique self-motivated mass organization that preserves and sustains the ancient beliefs of India. I am talking about the great festival of India, Kumbh Mela.

Kumbh Mela is the world’s largest religious fair. Those who want to visit India all over the world, they will get the diversification of India’s diversity at Kumbh Mela at one place.

Kumbha is famous for its vastness, apart from it, it also surprises for its diversity. People of different languages, different costumes, different cultures, and various sects come to Kumbh for India’s philosophy.

This is the largest event on earth. Kumbh Mela is a festival of joy. It is an opportunity to get rid of all the sorrows and worries, to get the happiness of life. This fair is a celebration of human life, which is the experience of Divinity in the particle.

Kumbh Mela is basically a fair of saints and saints. The clans of saints and saints all over the country, they camp their houses in Kumbh under the flag of their respective sects and arena. Kumbh Mela is the National Convention of India. Kumbha is called the Soul of Eternal Tradition.

At the time of Kumbha, these saints reflect the spiritual practices of the Mahatmas and continuous nectar from Satsanga. To understand and know India Better One should visit India at the Time of Kumbh.

  History of Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is very ancient, which has no beginning. Different Kings is organizing Kumbh Mela from thousands of years in the holy places of India. However, the oldest written document about Kumbha is found in the sixth century.

The ancient Chinese traveler Hueansang writes in his travelogue, “Every six years, a large number of people were gathered on the banks of River Ganga in Prayag.

What Mythology says?

At this time, King Harshavardhana used to donate everything to him and only with worn clothes Used to go back to their castle. ” Here he was talking about Kumbh Mela in Prayag. The history of Kumbh Mela is also associated with mythology.

            According to mythology, the history of Kumbha Parva is also related to this story: Kashyap Rishi was married to Diti Prajapati’s daughters Diti and Aditi. Devas were born from Aditi and the demons were born. Once the gods and the demons decided that they could be consumed by acquiring many such figures and possessions hidden in the sea.

For this, sea churning was the only solution. A total of 14 gems were received during sea churning, 13 of them were distributed by gods and demons. But 14th was the nectar Kalash. A war broke out between the gods and the demons to achieve this nectar because both of them wanted to drink and seek immortality. During the war, Indra son Jayant escaped with nectar Kalash.

On this, the demons pursued him and pursued a fierce battle between the gods and the demons for 12 days. During the war, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon helped big to keep Amrit Kumbh safe.

Jupiter saved the Kalash by going into the hands of the monks. The sun protected the Aqua from the blasting and the moon kept the nectar from spraying. Even then, during the fierce battle, a lot of ammunition was found in Amrit Kumbh in the upheaval.

These drops of nectar dropped to four places. One of them in Ganga coast, Haridwar, in the second Triveni Sangam Prayagaraj, the third Shipra river in Ujjain and in the fourth Godavari coast in Nashik.

Thus, the Kumbha festival was celebrated with the wish of receiving nectar at these four places and therefore Kumbh Mela is held at these places. 1 day of the gods is equal to 12 years of earth. Therefore, Kumbh Mela in Hinduism takes place at these sacred places after 12 years.

Kumbha has been called the Maha Parva of Indian culture. At this festival, bathing, donation, knowledge of mantra, and also the talk of receiving nectar is also spoken.

Kumbh is also a scientific basis along with intellectual, mythological and astrology. Vedas are the scriptures of Indian culture. Kumbh is also found in Vedas.

The importance of Kumbh is not only in India but in many countries of the world. During this festival, people come from many countries of the world and try to settle down in our culture. Hence the importance of Kumbh increases even more. Kumbh festival is celebrated every 12 years at the same place.

       The place of rivers in Sanatan Dharma is very important. Large shrines or festivals are often only on the banks of rivers. The meaning of the word of pilgrimage is the place that will cross. Kumbh Mela offers millions of people a divine opportunity to be free from their worldly bondage.

When and where the Kumbh Mela will be organized, it is determined only on the basis of astronomical events. It is believed that in these periods, spiritual energy is concentrated in these places, hence this event is also called a Divine Event. In order to enter the various states of Sun Moon and Jupiter, the place and dates of Kumbh Mela are determined.

Sanatan Dharma I have considered Sun to be the Mother of the Spirit Moon and Jupiter is the god of religion. So let us know when and when the Kumbh Mela is organized at which places.

Ardha Kumbh

Ardha means half. This is organized only at Haridwar and Prayag sites at intervals of 6 years between two Kumbh festivals. In the mythological texts, the astrological analysis is available for organizing Kumbha and Ardha Kumbha.

A grand Ardha Kumbha will be organized from January 15 to March 4, 2019, in Tirthraj Prayag in the year 2019. The spiritual condition of the planets in the medieval period is excellent for concentration and meditation.

The festival of Kumbh is organized at the following four pilgrimage sites of India.

Kumbh in Haridwar :

Haridwar is related to Aries. On the entry of Jupiter into Kumbha and on the entry of Sun in Aries, Kumbha Parva is organized at Haridwar. Ardha Kumbha is also organized in Haridwar. This is organized between two Kumbh festivals at intervals of 6 years.

The position of the planets is used to mediate the Ganga water at ‘Har Ki Pauri’ situated on the bank of Ganga flowing in Haridwar and in those days the water becomes nectar. That is why millions of pilgrims come here to make a sacred place for purification of their inner soul. The last full Kumbha in Haridwar was held in 2010 and in the Ardha-Kumbh 2016. The next full Kumbha on this holy land of Haridwar will be held in 2022.

Kumbha in Prayag:

Kumbha has a special significance in Prayag. The holy land of Prayagraj has been the identity of India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage. Prayag is the only place, where the three rivers of the country are the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati. According to astrology, Maghi Amavasya is to be in the Sun Capricorn, Moon and Jupiter in Aries, then in Prayag Raj, the sum of the Kumbha is made.

There are many pilgrimages in Prayagraj, such as Triveni Sangam, Akshay Wat and Saraswati Coupe etc. In Prayag, People celebrate many festivals during Kumbh. Like Makar Sankranti, Paush Purnima, Maghi (Mauni) Amavasya, Basant Panchami, and Mahashivaratri etc. But Maghi (Mauni) Amavasya is the most important festival of Prayag Kumbh. Earlier in 2013, the complete Kumbh was organized in Prayag. And now from 15th January 2019, Ardha Kumbha is being organized at a grand level.

The Kumbha of Ujjain:

When Sun is in Aries and Jupiter is in Leo zodiac, then the sum of the Kumbha is made in Ujjain. Here it is the full moon of Vaisakh month. Ujjain means the city of victory. This town is situated on the west coast of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of the Shipra river.

Ujjain is one of the holy shrines of India. According to astrology, the zero degree (degree) starts with Ujjain. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is in Ujjain. The last Kumbh was held here in 2016. Next, the next Kumbha in Ujjain will be held in 2026.

Kumbha in Nashik:

When the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are in the three lions, then the sum of the Kumbha is made in the Godavari coast ‘Nasik’. This situation is made to the new moon of Bhadrapad. Nashik is situated on the Godavari coast of the state of Maharashtra. Once in 12 years, Simhastha (Kumbh Mela) is organized in the city of Nasik Trimbakeshwar.

Hundreds of devotees in Nasik Kumbh Mela take a bath in the holy water of Godavari and pray for the purification and salvation of their soul. The last Nasik Kumbh Mela was organized in 2015 and the next Nasik Kumbh Mela will be held in 2022.

Advantage of Taking Bath in Ardha Kumbh

On the Ardha-Kumbh festival, special virtue is given for performing auspicious deeds like bathing, donation, chanting, and yagna.

According to Sri Vishnu Purana, the virtues/Good obtained by performing hundreds of thousands of Ashavmeh Yagya, doing hundreds of Vajpayee yagna and doing orbiting this Earth more than a hundred times, they are received only by taking an Ardha Kumbh Bath.

वृश्चिक राशि सि्थते जीवे, मकरे च चंद्रभास्करौ।
अमावस्या तदा योग. कुम्भी, अर्धकुम्भवाख्या तीर्थनायके ।।

That is, the sins of the mind,
The sin of the word and,
The wrong deeds which are made,
are destroyed by taking bath in Triveni (Prayag).

After bathing in Kumbh, meditating Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Sun Gods should be done with a mantra.

Lord Vishnu, Shiva’s Pothies should be read. Thank giving praying for the peace of our elder by giving donations and doing Pooja here, are also beneficial.

The Bathing dates of the Ardha Kumbh festival will remain this way. Bathing in it can get you the all the Virtue.

  • Makar Sankranti 14 January 2019 Day Monday, this day will be the royal bath.
  • Paush Shukla Ekadashi 17 January 2019 Day Thursday (Sona Ekadashi)
  • Paush Purnima 21 January 2019 day Monday.
  • Magha Krishna Chaturthi Thursday 24th January 2019
  • Magha Krishna Ekadashi on 31 January 2019 Thursday
  • Magh Amavasya 4 February day Monday.
  • Magh Shukla Panchami 10th February 2019 Sunday Basant Panchami Shahi Bath will be the last date of the bath.
  • Magh Shukla Saptami is the Ratha Saptami on 12th February 2019 Tuesday. On this day, during the Arunodaya period, Triveni will be a specialty of bathing. Ardh Kumbh Mela 2019 | Ardha-Kumbh Mela will start in Prayagraj this time from February 4, 2019

Kumbh Sankranti Wednesday 13 February 2019

This will be the last date for the Ardha Kumbh Bath. This month of Ardha Kumbh festival, which was running from the past one month will end. This festival of Kumbh Sankranti is going on from the medieval period, from the sixth century(as we discussed above).

For Whom?

Kumbh Mela is an open invitation for any devotee. This is an auspicious opportunity to see the same social protection of Hinduism and live a sense of sympathy. The Kumbh Mela has its own economics as well. Since ancient times, festivals, fairs, and pilgrimages have had special significance in the successful operation of the economy in India.

Kumbh festivals in all four corners of the country prove to be helpful in speeding up the country’s economy and creating new employment opportunities.

Kumbha is a vast platform, where different parts of India spread their colors, artists from different states of the country display their traditional art.

Pilgrims coming to Kumbh are familiar with these amazing works and enjoy them. On the occasion of Kumbha, a temporary town resides. Governments, administrations, and religious organizations have an important role in successfully organizing and organizing Kumbh.

Kumbha is a wonderful example of high-level management, efficient administration, mutual coordination and deep understanding in itself. Scientists come from foreign countries for study at the Kumbh Mela so that they can get an opportunity to study the civilization and culture of India.

We not only hope but knows this year Kumbh Mela will be completed in Prayag in 2019 and will complete the desire of crores devotees.

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