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How Many People See My Telegram?

How Many People See My Telegram

Want to Know How many people See Your Telegram?

Everyone installing telegram, so here is a simple trick to know how many people see your telegram message. As it is not possible directly like it is on Whatsapp.

In WhatsApp, if you want to see how many people view your MSG, then You Simply Click on messages info and See all the Stat.

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The telegram is the emerging Social Messaging App Nowadays. Though Telegram is founded in 2013 to be specific on 14 August 2013. It is not as popular as it is becoming now.

Many people Start using Telegram in recent time and people compare it with Whatsapp. It is like a Whatsapp but it is more than that. It differs from WhatsApp in some manner.

1. Telegram user can search any other user just by their name.

2. Telegram group has a limit of 10k people in a single group and so a lot of people can connect and join the single group which is not possible in Whatsapp.

3. The telegram has an option to create our channel where we can add people as well as people can join our channel by simply searching the name of our channel through their mobile.

4. Telegram Channel has to limit one can join as many channels as he can and channel also has no limit how many members can join the channel.

5. There is some channel on the telegram where it is 200k and somewhere 300-400k member is joined in the channel.

But You can’t see on telegram how many people see your message. And Also who are those people how to see your Message, their names or their detail or anything else.

So here is the trick that solves this problem. For the many people who use to check this on WhatsApp. Below is a Simple trick to get the Telegram Stat.

Follow this Step by Step Guide

1.Make a Telegram Channel

  • Making Channel is very easy, it takes no time to create it. If you are a WhatsApp User then It is same as creating a Group.
  • Just Tap on Create Channel Button, Give Channel name and then add some member.

But for the trick just create a Channel with zero members in the channel, Just tap the Skip button when asked for adds member.

2. Send the Message to Telegram Group.

  • Now Send Each message to the Channel. Here at the bottom right corner, you can see how many people see your message.
  • This icon is not available on Telegram Group Right?

3. Forward that Message

After sending the message to your own channel, it is quite simple to know the number of people.

  • Go to that Channel and click on the Forward button, which is on the bottom right corner of that message.
  • Forward it to the group you want

And All Done.

4. How to See the Number

Now, as the People of the Group see that message, The Eye Icon number increase as the actual message is from the channel, You just forward it.


This is a Very Simple #Hack to know the Number of people saw your sent message. And this hack helps me a lot to know how many people see my post, which I posted about the New Article on my Site.

See IF you Directly Post any MSG in Group then it (the Stat) is not Visible. There is no Eye Icon in the Bottom Right corner.

But this Problem has very simple Solution, if you read the whole article then you get it

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