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Lockdown loneliness, brain signature and depression

So recently a study is done in the UK in chills University by scientists related to lonely people and how their brain activity and how their brain behave to the various situation in compared to the fully extroverted people and they come to know a very surprising thing.

so they come to know that the lonely people have a unique range signature perhaps due to so much imagine social contact.

So this is the study done by UK universities on modal people ranging from 42- 59 year of ages and the average of this people is approximately 55 year age so most people of this group is of 55-year good they did a study by asking various people if they feel lonely this sample count of people contained a male and female both and most of the female like around 61% of the female replied that they feel lonely ya and 41% of the mail replied that they feel lonely when they ask about it.

society star curious about knowing their brain pattern and how their brain activity in this lonely situation so, therefore, they scan their brain in CT Scan they come to know a very strange thing and they have listed it down.

Show the people that feel lonely from over 2 to 3 + years have very different brain signature and this is because they have lonely and they spend most of their time thinking and doing the thing that not even actually happen at any point of life so they only think about any situation a lot, 33 lot of thinking leads to change their brain pattern and this is sometimes a good and mostly a bad situation.

This thinking can lead to depression but if you focus this thinking and your lonely time in a positive way you can have the power to change the world but mostly the people who are lonely use this loneliness in a negative way and so they feel depressed and develop stress.

And around 62 65% off of the people in the age 26 to 50 e have stress in their life at some point this is also a research.

So why scientist are eagerly studying this loneliness?

This is because in this covid-19 situation most of the people are locked in their house and they are lonely and these gender stress and depression on their mind so this is very important to study this loneliness and how to tackle this if the people or any social being of the society general stress it is very harmful to the society because if he gender studies he get addicted to drugs and his social behavior change completely and this is happening with a lot of people so this is the problem of a society facing nowadays.

And that’s why I it concerned the scientist to study this and to develop a solution or to find any cure today’s loneliness.

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