Telegram +30 Channel for Medical Student NEET UG

Telegram Channel For MBBS Student, NEET UG Student

Here Below are the List of Channel for Medical Student for Online Lectures, Free Cases Studies, NEET UG Discussion, Medical Books and all study material Available for Free. Join the Below Channel if You are a Doctor or Studying Medicines or Want to Study it.

There Many Channel on Telegram, Channel for Everything like the channel for Movies, Channel for Adult Content, Channel for Books, Channel for Magazines, Channel for NewsPapers, Channel for Programming, Channel for Study And Many More

Below List is Not Complete it will Update Aventually. If you want your Channel in List, Or You know any channel that can Help then Comment it Down. Help Each Other

Telegram Medical MBBS NEET UG Group Link

Clinical Case


Get Patients Case Studies and MCQs and Facts

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In this Channels You will Get to See various Cases Related to Medial, Patients Case how he behave how doctor treat him? Videos of all this kind will be seen here so Join if you want to see. Note: the Channel is managed by Persian and so the Language is the Barrier Somtime. But the Channel Worth Joining As it also Conduct MCQ on related Topic to get Deep in the Topic



Surgery Group get all Surgery Details and news

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Surgery_2 is the Group wher you can Get to know



MCQs Cases Photos, Gifts,Explaination of all the MCQs. Lot of medicine knowledge

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Same Name but Channel is Different with 14K member and all this Member is possible because of the Content and the Hard work. Putthinh the MCQs ant the Positive Engaging Content Photos, and Patients Cases will Make this 14K Doctors at one place and that is Clinical Case3. So Join the Channel by Above Link and Get all this in your Pocket

Internal Medcine


Books Medical research Books, PDFs Audios and many



Short Topic Explanation, Short notes, Lecture PDFs and Drug names and uses

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Sketchy Pharma Channels is for the Short Explanation of drugs, as the Name all pharma Products names and ther uses in short videos and the Case study of drug. Join to know more about the Drugs and Get NEET Ug Syllabus drug Knowledge in your Hands. Join Now

Sketchy Micro Member:- 17000 or 17K


Lectures for NEET UG importances. Long Lectures Videos of 45 min a Complete Lecture to study any Topic

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Learn from Expert and improve the Knowledge in any Subject from the Channel Videos. This Channel is about Micro but there are lot of Channel Below that Cover Each and Every Topic and help in the Overall growth, to learn evreything related to medicines

Audiobookclassic Pathology

Telegram Pathology Books

Pathology Books free Downloads, Get all the Pathology Books in PDF form and explore the Pathology World

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Aim 4 PG Pathology

Telegram Aim 4 Pathoglogy

PATHOLOGY Doctor will post mcq , images , notes,pdf related to PATHOLOGY when free & have spare time,So stay tuned

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This group will be managed by-Dr. Suganya Venkat, MD PATHOLOGY Doctor will post mcq , images , notes,pdf related to PATHOLOGY when free & have spare time,So stay tuned


Telegram Gross Anatomy

Welcome to Anatomy lecture videos!Lectures and Videos Guide **Language Problem

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Here You will Get Anatomy lecture videos and Similar Content and this will really help you in NEET and daily Practice right? Join if Intrested


Telegram Histology Neet Channel

Human Tissues, Animal tissues Lectures and More

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Histology Channel Where you Get as Always PDFs, Channel Links, Videos Links and Other Suff related to Histology and MicroAntonomy Human Tissues and Animal Tissues Studies, New Research And Magzines


Telegram Histology


Telegram Embrylogy Channel

Embryology Study Books and Audio Videos and MCQ Coming Soon

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As the Name Suggest it about the Embrylogy Study. The Study of Embryology deals with the study of baby and mother when the baby in the mother womb and it the Iportant part of the Study in MBBS and for one who want to be a Embryologist which is the one of the higjest paying doctor Job in USA Right?



Video Lectures by Dr Najeeb

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As the Name suggest, Channel have lot of Video Content and continuously increasing . Videos Related to

Medical Book Store


Get Each and every Book any Medical Book You want? Name it! Search it! Find it! Download it! its that Simple Join and Downloads

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Medical College Book Library is here Join the Channel and Get Book On any Topic of MBBS, NEETs and Exam Prepration Stuff. Get More Learn More from the Books itself. Get the Book Grab the Knowledge from other experience from years of studies. Right? Join and Search for the Book you want and Get that right in your Mobile.

Doctors In Training ( DIT ) Member:- 5900

Telegram Doctor in Traning

DITs Videos with Short but Sweet Explanation that help inunderstading the Antonomy in detail. All Videos are in HD quality and pratical

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Doctors In Training ( DIT ) Antonomy Videos and the Lectures totally focus on pratical are here in the channel the Channel is not most legal Channel by the Way, but if you want to learn some concept to its deeper point, and that from international Universities, anyone suggest to Join this Channel



Get PDF and Get the Knowledge from years of Studies

Medical Lecture


Lectures on all Topics and PDF related to the Videos(Lectures Specific Channel)

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From the Name you yourself get to know whats inside the Channel, Lectures always Help in get the Things in the Mind than Actual Reading the Books and Books. Whatever the Books tell in 10 pages will explain in the 10 min in Video Lecture. So If you also think like this and want to do the same learn from video, with Simple and Short way then Join the Channel

Usmle Step2


Dr Lectures, Presentation Explanation, Question Session

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Usmle Step 2 Channel is mainly Usefull for PPTs, Get to learn various Topics in form of Presentaion, Videos Lectures Link by various Doctors are here, Get Learn, Get Ahead, Join the Channel and be a Better Doctor then you are, coz Lerning never End!!

Dr. Kaplan Usmle


Lecture by Dr. Kaplan Usmle know New Drugs Development for

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Videos Series of Drug Research and New Drug Development and Each and every Drug is discuss very well and this surly help you

Student Doctor Forum


Best Forum available. Ask, Discuss Get Answer from Doctors important Studies and all.

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A group where medical students exchange files and discussions of contemporary medicine takes place. All Related Videos and Cases of Patients and Help is given and taken from expert is discuss here and

Pediatrics 1


Channel for Kids and Mother Health

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PDFs Big Lectures Videos, And lot more to Know if you want to be a Pediatrist. Learn detail and get Ahead knowing the Facts and Studies from all overt the World

MCQ Radiology


Radiology MCQs and related to NEET Syllabus and Important Notes Tips and Trick

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mcqradiology is the Well establish Telegram Channel that goes with the name, Have Lots of MCQs and Lot of Explanation Stuff the Channel is for the Neet ug Student who want to grow the Neet Score with Slow but steady learning, as the Group having number of MCQ like this can Help the Group from all the ways. So Join the Channel and Learn, Enjoy MCQs

Telegram Bot for Medical, MBBS, NEET Book: Pathology Help Bot This bot can Help you 100% the Book you want and to get that Book follow the Following Step:

  1. Open the Link Click Here pathologyhelp_bot.
  2. This Open the Link in the Telegram.
  3. It Say ” Request book here. Do you want to share your book collection at @pathologybooks?Just upload file here.”
  4. And then there is start Button in the Buttom of the App.
  5. Click the Start Button, Ask, Request for the Book you want and they will Upload that Book in the Channel.

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