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Top Educational Channel Telegram 2020

Here is the list of all Telegram channel for education you can easily join the channel by clicking on the link given below this educational Telegram channel will help you in your studies and preparation for the educational competitive exam there is a channel for MPSC UPSC exam GATE exam and for medical and neet exam also.

so talking about Telegram, Telegram is a messaging app will which helps you to to connect with a lot of people and there is a subscription model where you can subscribe to any channel like YouTube and you can and send a message and it get delivered to all.

Telegram is like a WhatsApp but much more upgraded version of WhatsApp here you can create channel and group.

So for those who don’t know what Telegram channel is so basically the Telegram channel is like a WhatsApp group where only admin can send a message but on Telegram, you can send large files of 1GB or more.

And millions of members can join your group using your Telegram channel link so this is the feature that it makes Telegram better than WhatsApp and that’s why people are coming to Telegram rather than WhatsApp lot of content gets shared here.

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And there is a channel for everything from education blog sport betting movies we have the list of all the channel on our blog you can search it and you can join any channel using the telegram link which we have provided on our website.

Top Educational Telegram channel

so there is a lot of channel in the educational category on telegram and their link are given below but a channel has its own content and then another channel.

Education channel Telegram link

Current affair Telegram channel

So this current affair Telegram channel is basically for UPSC MPSC for interview purpose there are lot of people studying online and it’s not possible to every situation to know every news or to watch TV whole day how to read newspaper so this current affairs and I’ll help you you in doing that it have highlights of everything what happen in a day in a week or in a month so from here you can easily get the inside of the month of the current affair and this will help you in your knowledge up to date.

Telegram channel link for current affair
CSE Current Affairs

Paytm Loot

Telegram channel for UPSC study

A lot of UPSC aspirant study online and they need lot of material books and current affair update news update world news and lot of stuff but this is not for free anywhere but on Telegram, you can learn from expert from someone who qualifies UPSC and get in touch with lot of people who are studying for UPSC right now this help you to to keep learning and keep you motivated.
Hindi Telegram channel you get free papers mock test and interview guide which help you in your UPSC study so join this group Yuvraj IAS telegram group that help you and preparing UPSC and cracking it

Link to Yuvraj IAS Telegram group

Yuvraj IAS Group For UPSC Studies

education channel Telegram

Priyanka Agrawal Telegram channel

Priyanka Agrawal Telegram channel is an online study channel available on Telegram where you can learn about different topics and also get the PDF books ebooks of various materials that help you to prepare various exams and crack that exam.

Link for Priyanka Agrawal Telegram channel

Online study with Priyanka Aggarwal

Ask for Help On our Blog at


Are you studying for net UGC net
how do you want to know the job faculty available in this field any new post?
So the channel that given below help you in your Set NET exam, in this channel you can get the list of a lot of books from which you can study for net there is a various reference given by an expert who has cracked this exam and that will help you in your study for NET exam

Link of Telegram channel for NET SET exam

SET/ UGC NET / CSIR NET and Faculty Jobs Notifications.

Global online University Telegram channel

Global online University Telegram channel is also one of the best Telegram channel available for studying and getting knowledge learning new things that help you you in building your career like every channel Telegram the channel also provide books pdf reference that helps you in exam they have their group where you can ask or request for or book you required.

link of global online University Telegram channel

Global Online University.

Aimed to success Telegram channel

Aimed to success Telegram channel good educational channel that help you in studying for a competitive exam they have their own website also show and they provide newspaper update English vocabulary updates and a lot of current affair list and also some book summaries which help you in writing essays for preparing for an interview.

Link of aim to success Telegram channel

Aimed2Success Official

Government job magnet Telegram channel

so as the name suggests government job Telegram channel is a telegram channel where you can get the updates of Jobs available in government sector NPS used in banking sector in government like in army airforce Navy, the channel have lot of post which they keep updating and posting a lot of stuff about government job whenever the new government job list for recruitment is going on for the news come out the post it in their channel so the channel is also one of the most recommended channels for government job on telegram join it and get regular update of government job.

Link of job magnet Telegram channel

Govt Job Magnet

CDS India Telegram channel

Are you preparing for the CDS exam? I want to know no different updates and regular preparation tips and tricks if yes this Telegram channel is for you CDS India Telegram channel is one of the best channels for CDS exam

Link of Telegram channel for CDS exam preparation


Telegram channel for a law exam

If you are law student or you want to give law exam are you’re interested in law then this Telegram channel is what you need to join
Here you get lot of updates and information about various laws around the world and what globe law and order system work how judiciary and court where and how the law is implemented how the lawyers get in practice best way to study law and also lot of law material are available in the channel.

Know Law Telegram channel link

know your law

Books and notes Telegram channel

Books and not Telegram channel is the channel where you can get a lot of books pdf ebooks school books reference book all for free available in PDF form and also in the channel you can get fiction books fiction storybook ok and school magazine science journal and lot of educational stuff in PDF and other format. Channel contains lot of educational journal of science engineering biology journal sentence of PDF of various school and colleges syllabus engineering books also.

Link of educational general Telegram channel


All government scheme Telegram channel

If you are studying for UPSC MPSC or any government exam you need to know about various scheme launched by government in recent year and you have to keep yourself up to date about the changes happening in the scheme and about the analytical data of this schemes how it impacts The peoples and how they get benefited from the scheme.
For this, there is a telegram channel or government scheme Telegram channel where you can get all the updates and what changes is happening in that scheme you also come to know about this from the channel.

Link of all government scheme Telegram channel

All Government Schemes



Data Science Exploration

CA world Telegram channel

Undoubtedly is one of the most difficult exams because only 3% of people can pass in this exam and preparation for this exam is quite difficult and if you fail in one exam you have to give all the papers so passing in CA is one of the hardest thing in college.

But do you know there is a telegram channel for CA preparation also? A chartered accountant is a very important role and so the exam is too hard but using the telegram channel you can get a lot of insight experience of a lot of peoples who have cracked this exam and get posted.

This chartered accountant work channel help you in studying preparing for CA exam the channel have a lot of books pdf case studies and short videos recommendations of various CA books given by expert and CA reference book ok with their PDF is also available in the group you just need to click on the given link below and you can join the channel.


AV share market education

Do you want to learn share market are you beginner in share market want to learn what stock is all about and how to earn money from stock market what is candle chart?
Join this market education channel where you can learn stock market and get recommendations of various stocks and related things so you can learn stock market and someday on money from it first put your effort on learning and then and then you can earn money from stock market this channel is only for educational purpose so use it well and learn from it.

Link for Telegram channel of market education


Stock quint research Telegram channel

Stock Queen research Telegram channel is also stock market education Telegram channel where you can learn stock market how share market work what is intraday how to trade stocks how to get dividend what stock is good for you to where to invest your money in stock market all this you can learn from the channel but the channel is only for education purpose they do a lot of research and you can see and analyze the research done by the channel on various stocks company valuation company profit everything is discuss in short q1 Q2 Q3 q4 profit made by company is also displayed.


Agriculture Exam Telegram Channel

Want to make career in agriculture there are various agriculture exam conducted by government where you can apply and if you pass the exam you get selected.

For helping this agriculture exam aspirant there is a telegram channel name as agriculture exam where you can get all the related stuff regarding the exam and dates and updates of various recruitment conducted by government.

If you are looking for such Telegram channel this is is it you can get last year agriculture exam paper II mock tests and notes about agriculture exam in this Telegram channel so link is given below click on it and join Telegram channel of agriculture exam.

Agriculture Exam

SNPFS Channel


Go free course Telegram channel

Everyone want to learn but because of money someone can’t afford the course or someone can’t pay money for any particular course they want to learn but in 21 century no one needs money to grab the skill to learn new things you just have internet connection and that solve all your problem regarding money for education purpose get solve easily.

There is a telegram channel where you can get any course for free basically all this course are paid but because of some coupons and code applied they can be e made free and you can easily join that channel and grab that link from which you can buy all this course for free and good news is that you can also get a certificate of that course and add it to your resume

So join this Telegram channel link given below and keep learning and keep growing

Free Online Courses

Editorial notes for UPSC

Everyone who is studying for UPSC knows that the auditorial page of any newspaper uh is very helpful for getting inside of any topic and to learn the topic thoroughly through which you can write essay passages and grab a lot of English words and improve your vocabulary.
Show the channel given below editorial notes help you in doing so learning the editorial page of every newspaper and getting you understand it also it tells you the meaning of different unusual used in the passage so that you can learn that vocabulary and add it to your own dictionary.

Link of Editorial notes UPSC Telegram channel

Editorial notes for UPSC

Mega and Gdrive links


Free udemy courses Telegram channel

So as I said earlier you don’t need money in today’s world to learn new things you just need internet connection and probably now as Telegram have lot of channels where you can get paid course for free using legal method like using coupons that make that course free by making it hundred percent off/
Here is another channel from where you can get udemy course for free all this course is paid and can provide you certificate of completion on completing the course so I join the course that you like and grab new skill.

Telegram channel for free online courses

Free udemy courses

Sarkari Mitra Telegram channel

Sarkari Mitra Telegram channel his Telegram channel of a blog Sarkari this Telegram channel help you in getting all the Sarkari Naukri details and various updates regarding government jobs and also provide you free stuff to study government exam PDF and papers is also uploaded on the channel.

Sarkari Mitra Telegram channel link


Murnal Economics upsc 2020 on unacadmey

Murnal Economics upsc 2020 on unacadmey



UPSC video Telegram channel

Do you want to learn UPSC from paid courses available online? But you don’t have money ok no problem you can get all the paid course videos of UPSC to teach by the renowned person who cracked this exam for free on the telegram channel given below.
UPSC video Telegram channel helps you in getting paid UPSC videos for free from this you can learn hassle-free and grab the knowledge for free just join the channel and start learning link is given below.

UPSC VIDEOS(pirated)

Let’s learn Telegram channel

Let line Telegram channel for all who want to learn something new every day here is lot of PDF books to learn new things and grab knowledge in the changing take world you need knowledge as a fuel to run your business to speed of your career knowledge is important let’s learn Telegram channel help you in getting that so join the channel the link is given below.


UPSC civil services Telegram channel

Preparing for UPSC civil services want to get more from internet join the telegram channel given below here is the best channel for civil services fully dedicated to civil exams they have all the material for civil services exam and fully useful for getting into civils

UPSC Civil Services

Neet preparation Telegram channel

Are you doctor preparing for neet exam and want various notes tips tricks and videos about neet examination and updates about the exam.

You can get a lot of preparation tips for neet exam from various expert available in the telegram channel given below also there are notes for needs available in the channel in PDF form.

Filtered content video lectures by various doctor around the globe which you can watch and download for free so join the channel link is given below.

NEET Preparation Tips

Gate preparation tips

Gate preparation tips Telegram channel help you to to prepare for GATE what are your branch may be the channel content book of all branches gate notes reference book of gate Arihant gate book ok and papers of previous years are uploaded in the channel

This channel is very helpful for every gate aspirant join the channel and search for the book for reference to study gate.

GATE Preparation Tips

Banking exam preparation Telegram channel

Preparing for banking exam is not so easy you need a lot of study material PDF books reference last year papers their solutions and tricks to solve various problems that come in banking examination. recently a lot of banking exam is conducted by our government and recruitment is still on.

So preparing for this exam is one of the aim of lot of student out there who is preparing for government exams so this Telegram channel is helpful for everyone who is preparing for banking exam just join the channel and you get lot of study material which you can use video lectures guide and also show the group help you to solve your problem regarding banking exams

Banking Exams Preparation

Adda 24 Telegram channel

Adda 24 Telegram channel is is owned by Adda 24 and everyone who studies government exam knows what other is for the website is quite and rank higher on YouTube Google all search engine out there because of the container they provide is very good so show on Telegram also they have their channel where they provide lot of free stuff for or studying.
So definitely worth joining the channel the link is given below

Adda247 Official Youtube Channel

History of India Telegram channel

History of India Telegram channel help you to learn history of India and understand it in in various manner you can learn old age history medieval age modern age history from the channel and can get all the necessary things that needed in the competitive exam from the history.




infoop99-Crudeoil,Nifty and Banknifty

Exam hall Telegram channel
Exam hai Telegram channel

examHeart | GK & Current Affairs

https// title
examHeart | GK & Current Affairs

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