What can we expect in Avengers End game?

All the Below is Just a Probability/ Expectation of all Marvel Fans and THis is a Simple Theory/ Review

So don’t panic or Take this as a Spoiler OK!

  1. EndGame Marvel Series that is Avenger Series Come to End, No come Together in one movie.
  2. Death of IronMan as he wants to left the Cast form Long now, Or Death of Captain America.
  3. We can See the Titan Planet Again With Less Population.
  4. Captain Marvel in Beast Mode again
  5. This is Very Rarely Happen But WE can See Logi, Coming Back, With his Black Magic or something
  6. Time Travel Most Probably Possible
  7. AntMan Converting to the SuperGiant Mode Again, like in the Ultron.
  8. Thanos Regrating for What he DiD?
  9. Black Hole For Time Travel.
  10. Thanos Farming as we see in the Trailer.
  11. Captain Marvel flirting with Thor.

This is What I think Will You going to See in the Movies, But Endgame is Not Predictable

So Till 26 April Stay Tune and For Now Please Upvote and Share This Post with Your Friends

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